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Short Narrative Filmmaking Panel

4:30 pm - 5:15 pm

Join us at the Indiana Youth Film Festival to hear these filmmakers talk about their experiences in the industry! You won't want to miss this panel. Where else would you see a dope lineup like this??

Panelists bios below.

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Precious Jewel

Precious Jewel, affectionately known as The Most Precious Jewel, is an interdisciplinary artist and entrepreneur hailing from Indianapolis, IN. Renowned for her unique soap sculpting, Precious Jewel has carved a niche for herself in the world of arts with her creative and intricate designs.

Driven by a profound love for the arts, she has dedicated her talents to not only advancing her own artistic endeavors but also to uplifting her community. As the creator of the celebrated platform “Indy’s Hood Happenings,” she shines a spotlight on the vibrant local events and culture of Indianapolis.

With a mission to help others discover the charm and beauty of her hometown, Precious Jewel invites everyone to fall in love with the city as she rekindles her own connection with it. Her work not only showcases the artistic pulse of Indianapolis but also fosters a deeper appreciation and engagement with its diverse cultural landscape.


Sha Collier is currently a Film Director at TrendyMinds in Indianapolis. Sha graduated with a B.A. in Cinema/Media Arts with a concentration in Narrative Filmmaking from Indiana University. She has worked with ABC, CBS, and several major network shows, including “The Late Late Show with James Cordon” and “The Steve Harvey Show” as an audience coordinator. As a Director, Sha is passionate about bringing to light the stories of individuals who may not have had the opportunity to share their voices. She firmly believes in the power of film as a medium and aspires to use it to create a positive impact.

Sha Collier

Headshot Professional.jpg

Stacia Bohnert is a Director of Photography based in Indianapolis. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UNC School of the Arts, she freelanced in a variety of camera, grip, and lighting positions on set in Brooklyn, NY before returning to her midwest roots. When she is not working as a DP she loves to crew on local projects. Some of the features she has worked on includes: "Shelby Oaks", "The Duel", and "It Happened One Weekend". Currently she works as a Director of Photography for Porch Marketing. She has experience shooting narrative shorts, documentary projects, corporate videos, and commercials.

Stacia Bohnert


JRELZ is a distinguished 4-time Emmy-nominated filmmaker, acclaimed for his multifaceted roles as a cinematographer, writer, director, editor, and producer. With an illustrious career spanning 12 years, he has successfully brought his creative vision to both the big screen and television, garnering awards for his outstanding contributions to the world of filmmaking. Beyond his cinematic achievements, JRELZ is a devoted husband and father, balancing family life with the ownership of a thriving media production company. Passionate about nurturing the next generation of filmmakers, he imparts his extensive knowledge by teaching filmmaking and cinematography to high school students, leaving an indelible mark on the future of the industry.



Will, a filmmaker known for his deep eye contact and intentional listening, is an Emmy winner, national Addy nominee, and a regular at film festivals. His work reflects his intentionality, patience, and deep engagement, always captivated by the stories he hears.

Will Wertz

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