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About Us: Bio

Weatherhouse Co. is an award winning production company founded in Indianapolis, Indiana functioning as a hub for artists to create, learn, and work with others who have interests in film, video, and other avenues of production. For hired work, commercial clients are welcomed when looking for video promotional materials, an “About Us/Our Story” video, or social media content. Weatherhouse’s primary objective however is on filmmaking and storytelling whether it be narrative or documentary styled films.

Founded by Deonna Weatherly in 2021, Weatherhouse was created to provide a safe space for women and people of color with opportunities that may seem few in the existing entertainment industry.

As a resource collective, Weatherhouse is committed to the amplification of independent work from underrepresented creatives!

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"a safe
space for women and people of color"

Deonna Weatherly is an Indiana-based director, cinematographer, writer, and founder of Weatherhouse Co. In 2020, she graduated from Indiana University with a Masters in Media and a specialization in narrative storytelling.


Majority of her video and film works are inspired by art and storytelling with themes including but not limited to race, gender, and sexuality. She specializes in narrative fiction and documentary styled projects.

Deonna Weatherly


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