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Short Narrative Film Schedule

Short Narrative Film Screenings

2:40 pm - 4:25 pm

Kan Kan Cinema & Brasserie

High Tops Poster-2.jpeg
High Tops

A young man bets his brand new sneakers on a game of one on one that he's confident he will not lose.

Run time            16 minutes 30 seconds

Director                     Crystal Williams

Director                     Christian Willingham

Director                     Jasiah Lester

Writer                         Ira Mallory

A Lady In Waiting

A young woman in 1810s England must hide her secret relationship with her maid from her fiancé.

Run time            10 minutes 56 seconds

Director                     Maeve Panich

Writer                         Maeve Panich

Producer                    Brynn Jamora

Producer                    Melanie Taylor

Producer                    Maeve Panich


"Unsent" is a witty and relatable story about Z, who finds herself in a confusing 'situationship' with a guy who sends mixed signals. When he asks to meet up, Z hopes for clarity, but ultimately learns to value herself and walks away. It's a humorous and heartfelt exploration of modern dating dilemmas.

Run time            4 minutes 22 seconds

Director                     Zion Momodu

Director                     Skylar Sutton

Writer                         Zion Momodu

Producer                    Zion Momodu

VISIONARY: Joan of Arc

Domrémy, France, 1425. 

A young peasant girl is visited by the Archangel Michael alongside Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret, who urge her to drive the English out of France. Upon receiving this vision, she is forced to conquer the inner turmoil accompanied by the knowledge of her fate.

Her calling -- Is it a blessing, or a burden?

Run time          14 minutes 58 seconds

Director                     Gen Fair

Writer                         Gen Fair

Writer                         Paris Elizabeth

Producer                    Chloe Rose

Producer                    Gen Fair

The Taken

In "The Taken" when a family outing turns into a nightmare as his loved ones are abducted before his eyes, Adrian, a devoted husband and father, embarks on a relentless mission to rescue them. Fueled by desperation and determination, Adrian channels the courage of action movie heroes as he battles through a series of intense fight scenes inspired by iconic action films of the past. From gritty hand-to-hand combat to adrenaline-pumping car chases, Adrian's unwavering resolve is put to the ultimate test. Will Adrian’s determination be enough to overcome the odds and reunite with his loved ones, or will he be forced to confront the harsh realities of his mission? "The Taken" is a pulse-pounding short film that explores the lengths a father will go to protect his family in the face of adversity.

Run time          18 minutes 52 seconds

Director                     Myla Tissandier

Writer                         Myla Tissandier

Writer                         Colin Wood

Producer                    Myla Tissandier

Producer                    Colin Wood

Beautiful Roots

Aaliyah Davis embarks on her journey of appreciation for her own skin.

Run time        7 minutes 29 seconds

Director                     Marissa L Baker

Writer                         Marissa L Baker

Producer                    Marissa L Baker

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