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Young Actors Workshop

1:45 pm - 2:30 pm

Do you have dreams of being an actor and you're looking for some guidance? Join us at Kan Kan during the Young Actors Workshop to be taught by some of Indiana's best actors and instructors!

Since September 1990, Asante Art Institute (also known as the Asante Children's Threatre) has been committed to providing a creative and nurturing environment where acting, singing, dance and storytelling are used as conduits for self-discovery, personal growth, and self-expression.

Come learn by the best. We'll see you in the theatre!

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Deborah Asante

Deborah Asante is a Dream Farmer, Child Charmer, World Traveler, Jazz Gatherer, Blues Chaser, Hope Placer, History Keeper, Justice Seeker, there are so many ways to say Storyteller! She grew up traveling the world as the oldest child in an Army family. From an early age Deborah kept her younger siblings entertained by telling them stories in exchange for doing her household chores. Storytelling is still at the root of everything she does.


Coming of age in the San Francisco/ Oakland Bay Area at the height of the Black Power Movement, colored her perspective, focused her attention to history and activated her passion for justice. Accepting a job offer from playwright, Crystal V Rhodes, she migrated to Indianapolis, Indiana in the late 80s. In 1990 Deborah founded The Asante Children’s Theatre which has expanded its work in the community as the Asante Art Institute.


Deborah Asante & Artists (DA&A) was founded on the principle of ART by any means necessary. For over 30 years Deborah Asante has been a creative force on a mission to expand the Indianapolis theater space, one artist at a time. With relentless passion and commitment, (DA&A) aims to provide opportunities for home-grown artists while intentionally influencing future generations of creatives in this community.


Clarissa Todd is a 21 year old artist who was born and raised in Indianapolis, In. At a young age, she began singing and dancing at Witherspoon Presbyterian Church where her passion for performing was nurtured. At the age of 15, she joined the Asante Arts Institute ( formerly known as The Asante Children's Theatre) and was taken under the wings of Deborah Asante and was taught the art of Acting, Singing, Dancing, Writing, and Directing.

Clarissa Todd

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