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IYFF Documentary Film Schedule

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Documentary Screenings

11:40 am - 12:55 pm

Kan Kan Cinema & Brasserie

The Only Alternative

Within the confines of a Predominantly White Institution, many of the issues affecting underrepresented populations on campus are not acknowledged unless they are brought into the light by a major news outlet, protest, or tragedy. In the hopes of progressing with the student body, many universities in the late 1960s opted for Black cultural centers to help alleviate and address the stressors faced by those students and enacted change on campus to accommodate all students' needs better. At Ball State, this became the Multicultural Center. Once created, the platform would allow underrepresented student populations the funding and support to vocalize their needs and enact a cultural shift of positive progress in an academic setting. As time went on, the impact of Ball State’s Multicultural Center grew exponentially leading us to its significant presence on campus today in its newly unveiled building. Each student organization housed in the Center has been supported from meeting spaces to funding events, allowing a safe space for students to connect and grow. Throughout this research, I showcase stories about how the Center has allowed Black students to be their authentic selves. The presence of traditionally underrepresented groups in the heart of campus gives new life to the ongoing celebration of diversity on Ball State’s campus.

Run time            34 minutes 48 seconds

Director                     Daria Buschur

Writer                         Daria Buschur

Producer                   Aaliyah Prim

Minimal Mystery of Forest Movie Poster (1).png
Where I'm From

A visual poem exploring a high school student's past and how it affects his present and future. Created in Kayla Sprayue's Principles of Broadcasting class at Concordia Lutheran High School. The poem is inspired by "Where I'm From" by George Ella Lyon, used with permission from the poet.

Run time            2 minutes 20 seconds

Director                     Scotland Dry

Writer                         Scotland Dry

Producer                   Scotland Dry

Burning Memory

An experimental exploration of nostalgia through the lens of a home at Christmastime.

Run time            3 minutes 2 seconds

Director                     Danny William

Writer                         Danny William

Producer                   Danny William

Yes! We Are Twins, But We Are Different

This is a story involving twin brothers, one of the being autistic. This is taking from the book by the same title about his twin Tyrese.

Director                     Tyrell Smith

Director                     Delores Thornton

Writer                         Tyrell Smith

Run time          18 minutes 36 seconds

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