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Music Videos & Films Schedule

Music Videos & Film Screenings

5:30 pm - 7 pm

Kan Kan Cinema & Brasserie


A young woman uses dance to escape domestic abuse.

Run time            5 minutes 51 seconds

Director                     Isaiah Henderson

Writer                         Isaiah Henderson

Producer                   Isaiah Henderson

The Con Artist

A con artist (Rocco Jann) at large goes around conning the citizens of the town out of their money in the most clever and hilarious ways possible. Determined to put an end to these cons once and for all, the chief of police (Cooper Ragle) begins a hunt to catch the con artist and restore the town from his trickery. Through many attempts, the police try to track down the con artist, but are only met with his quick escape and many gullible citizens caught in the middle of his witty tricks.

Run time            15 minutes 43 seconds

Director                     Noah Sanchez

Writer                         Rocco Jann

Writer                         Cooper Ragle

Writer                         Noah Sanchez

Writer                         Lauren Stickelmaier

Producer                    Rocco Jann

Producer                    Noah Sanchez

Another Rainy Day

A short film about a girl deciding to take a rainy day for herself and her mental health.

Run time            1 minutes 50 seconds

Director                     Amani Muhammad

Director                     Driem Taylor

Writer                        Amani Muhammad

Producer                   Amani Muhammad

Room For Two

After discovering that his cannibalistic partner, Eve, eats others, Mark embarks on a journey of confrontation; centering his ideas of love, trust, and the nature of relationships. Room For Two is a deeply personal exploration that strives to challenge the audience to redefine their understanding of morality and subsequently reevaluate their perception of the gray areas regarding human connection.

Run time          10 minutes 15 seconds

Director                    Keon Clardy II

Writer                        Keon Clardy II

Producer                  Eva Stuart

State Road 39

3 kids hope to have the night of their lives before an auto accident plunges them into uncertainty. One of them, Simon, is haunted by guilt. Will he atone for his inaction?

Run time          11 minutes 41 seconds

Director                     Jack Douglas Lengerich

Writer                         Jack Douglas Lengerich

Producer                    Cooper Ragle

Desire, I want To Turn Into You

Desire, I Want To Turn Into You is an allegory of the creative process, exploring the relationship between creator and creature: Are they the same? The film also addresses the desire to become something immaterial. You listen to a song, the song starts shaping your body, you dance, you become the song.

Run time        6 minutes 22 seconds

Director          Giovanni Guimarães Teixeira Ferrari

Writer              Giovanni Guimarães Teixeira Ferrari

Producer        Giovanni Guimarães Teixeira Ferrari

El Tesoro

In the old west, a man searches for buried treasure left to him by his late father.

Run time        10 minutes 56 seconds

Director                       Angel Mejia

Writer                           Angel Mejia

Writer                           Quentin Gallagher

Producer                      Angel Mejia

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